Combing Rollers

Pinned Combing Rollers & Rings

Available for a range of machines including:

 Investa BD200, BD10

  • Rieter RU14, RU04, M1/1, M2/1
  • Ingolstadt RL10
  • HDB
  • Platt 883, 887
  • Savio

STEWARTS developed the pinned combing roller and rings more than 40 years ago and was well known as the manufacturer of pinned combing rollers for the original Platt machines.

 The pin type combing roller is still widely used today and we manufacture for older generation machines, new machines and special applications.

Pinned combing rollers can be manufactured for all machine types and models in use today.

Available for any spinning specification and angle based on requesd can be manufactured.


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