Pinned and Spiked Rollers

Stewart Pinned Products Ltd, are the recognised standard Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for many of the World's Machinery Makers. At Stewart Pinned Products Ltd we design, manufacture and supply Pinned or Spiked Rollers for:

  • Textile Fibre processing
  • Tobacco Processing
  • Hot Perforation
  • Cold Perforation
  • Food Industry
  • Cigarette Maker Machines

Types of Pinned and Spiked Rollers

  • Needle Perforation Rollers
    • Hot Needle Perforation
    • Rollers
  • Cold Needle Perforation Rollers
  • Picker and Metering Rollers
  • Taker-In and Licker-In Rollers
  • Opening and Cleaning Rollers
  • Blowroom Rollers


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