Pinned Taker In Roller

Fibre Friendly Pinlocked Taker In Rollers

Cotton has been traditionally carded using card wire. However pins, with their smooth pointed sharp profile, do less damage to fine fibres. The sharp but smooth point of the pin gives excellent fibre penetration.

The grain of the metal pins and the machining marks of the pins all run along the same axis of the pin, so that the fibres can float freely around the point of the pin. With this design of using pins there are no traps to catch fibres on or to cause wearing of the pins.

The STEWARTS Pinned Taker-In (Licker-In) is "Fibre Friendly"

A major advantage of the STEWARTS Pinned Taker-In (Licker-In) is that one specification of pinning can be used to successfully card almost all fibres, so there is no need to change when running different fibres or blends.

The Pinned Taker-In (Licker-In) is extremely resistant to wear and damage, and has a life expectancy of over 5,000 tons in conventional carding machines. Many thousands have now been installed worldwide, and although the oldest are 20 years old, some are still in use.

Life on high production carding machines is just as extraordinary, and tests have shown that a lifetime of at least 2,500 tons can be expected with no maintenance at all.



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